Chapter 7 – Sea Turtles

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In Ahead of the Tide’s Chapter 7: Sea Turtles, learn about their symbiotic relationship with humans and why they are an indicator species. Interviews with David Godfrey and Gary Appelson from Sea Turtle Conservancy, Dr. Mariana Fuentes from Florida State University, author Carl Hiaasen, Ann Marie Lauritsen from USFWS Southeast Region, Chuck Carr from the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge and Melanie Cavanaugh and Scott Eastman.

Sea turtles are an indicator species; they tell us how the beaches and marine environment are doing. Explored in Ahead of the Tide’s Chapter 7 is the symbiotic relationship between sea turtles and humans. Where turtles are successfully nesting, coastal environments are doing well. But where turtles are unable to nest, we see residents along those same beaches also at risk. It is crucial we understand how coastal development and sea level rise affects these majestic creatures and the habitats we share.