Partner Spotlight – Florida Wildlife Federation

The Florida Wildlife Federation is a private, statewide, non-profit citizens’ conservation education organization composed of thousands of concerned Floridians and other citizens from all walks of life who have a common interest in preserving, managing, and improving Florida’s fish, wildlife, soil, water, and plant life. As the State Affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation, FWF has been improving Florida’s wildlife since 1936. The “Goal” of the Federation is to be the leader in promoting, through education and political action, the conservation, restoration, sound management, and wise and ethical use of Florida’s natural resources, to the end that present and future Floridians may live, work and pursue traditional outdoor activities in an outstanding natural environment.

Florida Wildlife Federation Coastal Policy to Protect our Beaches and Shores:

In 2015, as part of our ongoing effort to preserve our coasts, FWF assisted with the development of a film entitled “Battle for the Barriers: Nature Always Wins.”  Compounded by sea level rise and stronger, more frequent storms, lives and infrastructure in coastal communities are increasingly at risk for flooding and wind-driven destruction from super storms and hurricanes.  The film explores adaptation strategies and projects in coastal states along the U. S. Eastern seaboard, designed to safeguard people, wildlife and properties in storm-prone areas.  There are appearances in the film by former Congressman Tom Evans, Jr. (an FWF volunteer Board Member), Manley Fuller, FWF President, and Collin O’Mara, National Wildlife Federation President. FWF has also worked with the Sea Turtle Conservancy in educating Floridians about the serious nature of sea level rise, coastal development and impacts to fish and wildlife.

FWF is a strong supporter of the Coastal Barriers Resources Act (CBRA) which provides protection to barrier islands and sensitive coastlines.  FWF is supporting appropriate sea level rise adaptation policies for Florida, a state that is already experiencing the effects of sea level rise, particularly in South Florida.  To view a clip of the film, produced by Sharon Baker and Teleduction, Inc., please visit or view below. FWF is also a founding member and active participant of Smarter Safer, a coalition of conservation and business interests committed to coastal policies and legislation that promote public safety, save taxpayer dollars and which protect coastal fish and wildlife habitat. Acquisition of properties subject to flooding can also lead to shoreline wildlife habitat and improved public recreational access to our waters and shorelines.

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